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Admitted in Researve Category

These students are advised to submit fees in the office between 02/08/2016 & 03/08/2016,otherwise their seats will bc cancelled.



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  Dated: 01/08/2016
116/11/2017Attendance record of LAW of Oct,2017 Sheet no 04
215/11/2017Attendance report of MCA of Oct,2017
315/11/2017Attendance report of M.A Economics of Oct,2017
415/11/2017Attendance record of LAW of Oct,2017 Sheet no 03
515/11/2017Attendance record of LAW of Oct,2017 Sheet no 02
615/11/2017Attendance record of LAW of Oct,2017 Sheet no 01
709/11/2017Attendance report of M.A Punjabi of Oct,2017
809/11/2017Attendance report of M.A Political Science of Oct,2017
906/11/2017Defected Scholarship Form Notice
1003/11/2017Fee Notice for 2nd Installment for session 2017-18
1217/10/2017Attendance record of M.A Eco Sept,2017
1317/10/2017Attendance record of M.A Pol.Sci Sept,2017
1417/10/2017Attendance record of M.A Punjabi of Sept
1517/10/2017Revised LLB Attendance list Sept 2017
1613/10/2017Attendance record of LAW of Sept,2017 Sheet no 02
1713/10/2017Attendance record of LAW of Sept,2017 Sheet no 01
1813/10/2017Attendance record of M.A English of Sept
1911/10/2017Attendance record of MCA of Sept,2017
2011/10/2017Notice Regarding Defected Post Metric Scholarship form for SC for session 2017-18
2118/09/2017Attendance record of M.A Economics
2218/09/2017Examination Notice
2315/09/2017Attendance record of LAW of August
2415/09/2017Attendance record of M.A English of August
2515/09/2017Attendance record of MCA for month Agust
2614/09/2017ADMISSION NOTICE for MA Punjabi English Political Science and Economic, LLB and MCA 1st semester session 2017-18
2713/09/2017Attendance record of M.A Political Science
2813/09/2017Attendance record of M.A Punjabi
2911/09/2017Holiday on 12/09/2017
3108/09/2017ADMISSION NOTICE for M.Phil (Punjabi and Political Science)
3207/09/2017Regarding submit of Migration certificates
3302/09/2017Admission Notice for MA Ist Semester (English Punjabi Political science and Economic )
3431/08/2017Fee Notice for 1st,LLB and MA
3530/08/2017 Admission Notice in LLB 1st Sem (Last Chance )
3629/08/2017Re Schedule for Admission LLB 1st Sem
3724/08/2017LLB 1st Sem Admission Notice
3824/08/2017Holiday on 25/08/2017
3923/08/2017No Holidays on 24 and 25/08/2017
4022/08/2017LLB 1st Sem Admission Notice for Reserve Category
4220/08/20172nd Counselling for MA (English, Punjabi, Pol.sci and Economic s
4318/08/2017Walk in Interview for Guest faculty
4409/08/2017Seats lying vacant in LLB 1st Semester
4508/08/201709/08/2017 LAST DATE FOR DEPOSIT FEE FOR LLB 1ST
4607/08/2017Regarding cancellation seats Notice
4706/08/2017Admitted in RESERVE CATEGORYT in 1st Counselling of LLB
4806/08/2017admitted in GENERAL CATEGORY IN 1st Counselling of LLB
4901/08/2017admitted in 1st Counselling of MA Eco,Punjabi,Pol.Sci & English
5001/08/2017ADMISSION NOTICE for 1st semester session 2017-18
5128/07/2017LLB ADMISSION SCHEDULE changed from Chandigarh to Muktsar
5224/07/2017Tentive Merit list for Admission of M.A (Economics) 1st Sem
5324/07/2017Tentive Merit list for Admission of M.A (English) 1st Sem
5424/07/2017Tentive Merit for Admission of M.A (Punjabi) 1st Sem
5524/07/2017Tentive Merit list for Admission of M.A (Pol.Sci) 1st Sem
5621/07/20171st Counseling Schedule for M.A 1st Sem (English.Punjabi,Pol.Sci and Eco.)
5719/07/2017ADMISSION NOTICE for 1st semester session 2017-18
5811/07/2017Fee Notice for 1st,3rd and 5th Sem
5905/07/2017Schedule of on going classes
6011/05/2017Attendance records of April and May 2017 of Pol.Sc and MCA
6126/04/2017Att report of MA Economics March 17
6218/04/2017Attendanarchce report of Pol.Sci March 17
6318/04/2017Attendanarchce report of Pol.Sci March 17
6418/04/2017Attendance report of MCA of March 17
6518/04/2017Attendance recort of MA punjabi March 17
6618/04/2017Attendance recort of MA punjabi March 17
6731/03/2017Court visit Notice for LLB 6th Sem.
6810/03/2017Attendance of MCA for month of Feb,2017
6910/03/2017Attendance of MA,(Eng,Pbi,Eco & Pol.Sci) for month of Feb,2017
7010/03/2017Attendance of MA Eng for month Jan,2017
7102/03/2017Attendance report of LLB of Jan,2017
7217/02/2017Attendance report of MCA of Jan,2017
7317/02/2017Attendance report of Pol.Sci of Jan,2017
7417/02/2017Attendance report of Punjabi of Jan,2017
7517/02/2017Attendance report of Economics of Jan,2017
7617/02/2017Attendance report of LLB of Jan,2017
7707/02/2017Calander LLB 2016-17
7817/01/2017Expression of interest for PURC Muktsar Building
7921/10/2016Swaach Abhian 2016
8028/09/20162nd counseling for M.Phil Punjabi on 30/09/2016 at Regional Centre
8120/09/2016Admitted in M.Phil (Punjabi) for session 2016-17
8220/09/2016Admitted in LLB 1st Sem for session 2016-7
8416/09/2016Provisionally merit list of M.Phil Punjabi 2016 for counseling
8516/09/20161st Counseling schedule for admission of M.Phil (Punjabi) 2016.
8607/09/2016Walk-In-Interview for Guest Faculty in computer Science in PU Regional Centre,Muktsar on 13/09/2016
8722/08/2016admitted in 4th Couseling of MA Eco,Punjabi,Pol.Sci & English
8819/08/2016Walk-In-Interview for Guest Faculty in PU Regional Centre,Muktsar on 26/08/2016
8916/08/2016Admission for 4th Counseling in 1st Sem.(Eng.,Pbi,Pol.Sci & Eco)
9012/08/2016Third Counseling for admission to MCA Courses being run at the PURC, Muktsar for the admissions of Session 2016-2017.
9112/08/2016Admitted from waiting list of all departments with late 2040/-
9208/08/2016Waiting list of MA(Punjabi,English,Eco,Pol.Sci) 1st Semester those students have attended 1st Counseling
9308/08/2016Vacant seats in all departments
9408/08/2016Waiting list of LLB 1st Semester those students who have attended 1st Counseling
9502/08/2016Revised Admission Notice for Counseling
9626/07/2016Admitted as late applicant before considering the waiting list
9726/07/2016Time table of all departments session 2016-17
9824/07/2016Revised Provisionally Merit Lists of Reserve Categories for counseling on 25/07/2016
9922/07/2016Provisionally Merit Lists of Reserve Categories for counseling on 25/07/2016
10022/07/2016Provisionally list of Late applicant
10121/07/2016Vacant seats of reserve categories of all departments
10219/07/2016Notice for regular classes
10318/07/2016vacant seats of all departments after 1st counceling
10418/07/2016Fees Notice for 3rd & 5th Semester of all department
10516/07/2016List of selected candiates for English 1st their respective categries along with waiting list
10616/07/2016List of selected candiates for LLB 1st their respective categries along with waiting list
10716/07/2016List of selected candiates for Political Science 1st their respective categries along with waiting list
10816/07/2016List of selected candiates for Punjabi 1st their respective categries along with waiting list
10916/07/2016Fees Notice of 1st Sem (LLB,MA 1st English,Punjabi,PolSc & Eco
11016/07/2016List of selected candiates for Eco 1st their respective categries along with waiting list

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