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Seats lying vacant in LLB 1st Semester



                                                                      Dated 09/08/2017

                   ADMISSION NOTICE


The follwing Seats are lying vacant in LLB 1st Semester in various categories as  follows : 

10                                                             vacant in General Category

  02                                                              vacant in S.C Category

01                                                          vacant in B.C Category


Those Students planced in wating list 01 to 10 from  General Category,wating list Sr.No. 01 to 02 from S.C category and wating list 01  from Backward class are advised to deposit their fees on 10/08/2017 and 11/08/2017 otherwise their seats will be offered to the other candidates in the waiting list.






  Dated: 09/08/2017
116/11/2017Attendance record of LAW of Oct,2017 Sheet no 04
215/11/2017Attendance report of MCA of Oct,2017
315/11/2017Attendance report of M.A Economics of Oct,2017
415/11/2017Attendance record of LAW of Oct,2017 Sheet no 03
515/11/2017Attendance record of LAW of Oct,2017 Sheet no 02
615/11/2017Attendance record of LAW of Oct,2017 Sheet no 01
709/11/2017Attendance report of M.A Punjabi of Oct,2017
809/11/2017Attendance report of M.A Political Science of Oct,2017
906/11/2017Defected Scholarship Form Notice
1003/11/2017Fee Notice for 2nd Installment for session 2017-18
1217/10/2017Attendance record of M.A Eco Sept,2017
1317/10/2017Attendance record of M.A Pol.Sci Sept,2017
1417/10/2017Attendance record of M.A Punjabi of Sept
1517/10/2017Revised LLB Attendance list Sept 2017
1613/10/2017Attendance record of LAW of Sept,2017 Sheet no 02
1713/10/2017Attendance record of LAW of Sept,2017 Sheet no 01
1813/10/2017Attendance record of M.A English of Sept
1911/10/2017Attendance record of MCA of Sept,2017
2011/10/2017Notice Regarding Defected Post Metric Scholarship form for SC for session 2017-18
2118/09/2017Attendance record of M.A Economics
2218/09/2017Examination Notice
2315/09/2017Attendance record of LAW of August
2415/09/2017Attendance record of M.A English of August
2515/09/2017Attendance record of MCA for month Agust
2614/09/2017ADMISSION NOTICE for MA Punjabi English Political Science and Economic, LLB and MCA 1st semester session 2017-18
2713/09/2017Attendance record of M.A Political Science
2813/09/2017Attendance record of M.A Punjabi
2911/09/2017Holiday on 12/09/2017
3108/09/2017ADMISSION NOTICE for M.Phil (Punjabi and Political Science)
3207/09/2017Regarding submit of Migration certificates
3302/09/2017Admission Notice for MA Ist Semester (English Punjabi Political science and Economic )
3431/08/2017Fee Notice for 1st,LLB and MA
3530/08/2017 Admission Notice in LLB 1st Sem (Last Chance )
3629/08/2017Re Schedule for Admission LLB 1st Sem
3724/08/2017LLB 1st Sem Admission Notice
3824/08/2017Holiday on 25/08/2017
3923/08/2017No Holidays on 24 and 25/08/2017
4022/08/2017LLB 1st Sem Admission Notice for Reserve Category
4220/08/20172nd Counselling for MA (English, Punjabi, Pol.sci and Economic s
4318/08/2017Walk in Interview for Guest faculty
4408/08/201709/08/2017 LAST DATE FOR DEPOSIT FEE FOR LLB 1ST
4507/08/2017Regarding cancellation seats Notice
4606/08/2017Admitted in RESERVE CATEGORYT in 1st Counselling of LLB
4706/08/2017admitted in GENERAL CATEGORY IN 1st Counselling of LLB
4801/08/2017admitted in 1st Counselling of MA Eco,Punjabi,Pol.Sci & English
4901/08/2017ADMISSION NOTICE for 1st semester session 2017-18
5028/07/2017LLB ADMISSION SCHEDULE changed from Chandigarh to Muktsar
5124/07/2017Tentive Merit list for Admission of M.A (Economics) 1st Sem
5224/07/2017Tentive Merit list for Admission of M.A (English) 1st Sem
5324/07/2017Tentive Merit for Admission of M.A (Punjabi) 1st Sem
5424/07/2017Tentive Merit list for Admission of M.A (Pol.Sci) 1st Sem
5521/07/20171st Counseling Schedule for M.A 1st Sem (English.Punjabi,Pol.Sci and Eco.)
5619/07/2017ADMISSION NOTICE for 1st semester session 2017-18
5711/07/2017Fee Notice for 1st,3rd and 5th Sem
5805/07/2017Schedule of on going classes
5911/05/2017Attendance records of April and May 2017 of Pol.Sc and MCA
6026/04/2017Att report of MA Economics March 17
6118/04/2017Attendanarchce report of Pol.Sci March 17
6218/04/2017Attendanarchce report of Pol.Sci March 17
6318/04/2017Attendance report of MCA of March 17
6418/04/2017Attendance recort of MA punjabi March 17
6518/04/2017Attendance recort of MA punjabi March 17
6631/03/2017Court visit Notice for LLB 6th Sem.
6710/03/2017Attendance of MCA for month of Feb,2017
6810/03/2017Attendance of MA,(Eng,Pbi,Eco & Pol.Sci) for month of Feb,2017
6910/03/2017Attendance of MA Eng for month Jan,2017
7002/03/2017Attendance report of LLB of Jan,2017
7117/02/2017Attendance report of MCA of Jan,2017
7217/02/2017Attendance report of Pol.Sci of Jan,2017
7317/02/2017Attendance report of Punjabi of Jan,2017
7417/02/2017Attendance report of Economics of Jan,2017
7517/02/2017Attendance report of LLB of Jan,2017
7607/02/2017Calander LLB 2016-17
7717/01/2017Expression of interest for PURC Muktsar Building
7821/10/2016Swaach Abhian 2016
7928/09/20162nd counseling for M.Phil Punjabi on 30/09/2016 at Regional Centre
8020/09/2016Admitted in M.Phil (Punjabi) for session 2016-17
8120/09/2016Admitted in LLB 1st Sem for session 2016-7
8316/09/2016Provisionally merit list of M.Phil Punjabi 2016 for counseling
8416/09/20161st Counseling schedule for admission of M.Phil (Punjabi) 2016.
8507/09/2016Walk-In-Interview for Guest Faculty in computer Science in PU Regional Centre,Muktsar on 13/09/2016
8622/08/2016admitted in 4th Couseling of MA Eco,Punjabi,Pol.Sci & English
8719/08/2016Walk-In-Interview for Guest Faculty in PU Regional Centre,Muktsar on 26/08/2016
8816/08/2016Admission for 4th Counseling in 1st Sem.(Eng.,Pbi,Pol.Sci & Eco)
8912/08/2016Third Counseling for admission to MCA Courses being run at the PURC, Muktsar for the admissions of Session 2016-2017.
9012/08/2016Admitted from waiting list of all departments with late 2040/-
9108/08/2016Waiting list of MA(Punjabi,English,Eco,Pol.Sci) 1st Semester those students have attended 1st Counseling
9208/08/2016Vacant seats in all departments
9308/08/2016Waiting list of LLB 1st Semester those students who have attended 1st Counseling
9402/08/2016Revised Admission Notice for Counseling
9501/08/2016Admitted in Researve Category
9626/07/2016Admitted as late applicant before considering the waiting list
9726/07/2016Time table of all departments session 2016-17
9824/07/2016Revised Provisionally Merit Lists of Reserve Categories for counseling on 25/07/2016
9922/07/2016Provisionally Merit Lists of Reserve Categories for counseling on 25/07/2016
10022/07/2016Provisionally list of Late applicant
10121/07/2016Vacant seats of reserve categories of all departments
10219/07/2016Notice for regular classes
10318/07/2016vacant seats of all departments after 1st counceling
10418/07/2016Fees Notice for 3rd & 5th Semester of all department
10516/07/2016List of selected candiates for English 1st their respective categries along with waiting list
10616/07/2016List of selected candiates for LLB 1st their respective categries along with waiting list
10716/07/2016List of selected candiates for Political Science 1st their respective categries along with waiting list
10816/07/2016List of selected candiates for Punjabi 1st their respective categries along with waiting list
10916/07/2016Fees Notice of 1st Sem (LLB,MA 1st English,Punjabi,PolSc & Eco
11016/07/2016List of selected candiates for Eco 1st their respective categries along with waiting list

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