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S.No. Name of the Supervisor /
Name of the Ph.D. Scholar Mode of Ph.D. Registration Number Date of Registration Research Topic Likely Date of Completion Availing Fellowship Funding Agency of Fellowship
Faculty of Science : Department of BiotechnologyUpdated on: 20/05/2020 
1.   Dr. Jagdeep Kaur
Dr. Hena Dhar
Anchal Chaudhary Full Time 19-20/455/Ph.D. 30/01/2020 Isolaton and Molecular Characterization of Very Long Chain Omega-3 Polyunsaturated fatty acid-producing Mircobes 29/01/2025 Yes DST-SERB (ICAR-ARS-NET-2018)
2.   Dr. Rupesh Deshmukh Vandana Thakral Full Time 19-20/456/Ph.D. 20/12/2019 Understanding differential silicon uptake capability and silicon derived benefits in legume species Yes CSIR-UGC-NET (JRF)2019
3.   Dr. Desh Deepak Singh Usha Full Time 19-20/391/Ph.D. 2019-EZ-181 08/11/2019 Purification and characterization of selected lectins 07/11/2024 Yes UGC-JRF-NEt
4.   Prof. Jagdeep Kaur Gagandeep Kaur Full Time 19-20/322/Ph.D. 2019-EZ-144 04/11/2019 The protein engineering approaches to develop fast acting clot buster in large scale : enhancing catalytic efficiency of streptokinase by Directed evolution 04/11/2024 Yes ICMR-SRF
5.   Prof. Jagdeep Kaur Puneet Kaur Full Time 18-19/370/Ph.D. 18211001277 22/11/2018 Structural and functional studies on Bacterial Plasminogen activators. 21/11/2023 Yes CSIR-JRF
6.   Dr. Jagtar Singh
Dr. Tapan K. Mondal
Megha Full Time 18-19/196/Ph.D./R&S 27/08/2018 Genome wide association Mapping for identification of QTL/gene for different traits in deep water rice etc. 23/08/2023 Yes JRF
7.   Dr. Jagtar Singh
Dr. Eshu Singhal Sinha
Vinayak Sharma Full Time 18011001243 17-18/524/Ph.D. 08/05/2018 Getting a detailed insight of the molecular events associated with multiple myoloma 09/05/2023 Yes JRF
8.   Dr. Jagtar Singh
Dr. Akshay Anand
Priya Mehra Full Time 17-18/514/Ph.D. 21/03/2018 The role of laser induced retinal injury on visual spatial memeory and its rescue by subretinal transplanation of human umblical cord bolld derived lineage negative stem cells in mice. 20/03/2023 Yes CSIR-JRF
9.   Prof. Jagdeep Kaur Pradeep Kumar Anand Full Time 17-18/370/Ph.D. 09/01/2018 Mycobacterium lipolytic enzyme in drug resistance 09/01/2023 Yes UGC-JRF
10.   Dr. Jagdeep Kaur Parul Singh Full Time 17-18/369/Ph.D 2018-EZ-23 09/01/2018 characterization of Mycobacterium genes under hypoxic conditions 09/01/2023 Yes UGC-JRF
11.   Dr. Jagdeep Kaur Ajay Chhaya Full Time 17-18/1/Ph.D. 10/08/2017 Structure function studies on truncated hemoglobins of Mycobacterium smegmatis. 09/08/2022 No
12.   Dr. Desh Deepak Singh Maanniya Full Time 17-18/29/Ph.D. 27/07/2017 Bioinformatics analysis, Structural and functional Characterization of selected Lectins 27/07/2020 Yes JRF DST-SERB
13.   Dr. Desh Deepak Singh Lovepreet Singh Full Time 17-18/28/Ph.D. 24/07/2017 Bioinformatics, Cloning, Expression and Structural studies on C Type Lectins 23/07/2020 Yes UGC-JRF
14.   Dr. Kashmir Singh Naina Grewal Full Time 17/404/Ph.D. 24/01/2017 Tentative Title: To study the role of NBS-LRR genes in biotic stress tolerance in grapes 24/01/2022 No
15.   Dr. Kashmir Singh Deepika Verma Full Time 16/1188/Ph.D 29/08/2016 Tentative Title: Identification and characterization of SOD genes from Brassica 01/09/2020 Yes ICMR-JRF/SRF
16.   Dr. Kashmir Singh Garima Bhatia Full Time 16/1189/Ph.D. 29/08/2016 Tentative Title: Genome-wide identification and functional analysis of long non-coding RNAs in grapevine (Vitis vinifera) 01/01/2021 Yes ICMR
17.   Prof. Desh Deepak Singh Shally Sharma Full Time 16/1152/Ph.D 27/08/2016 An analysis of cancerous cell lines glycan/proteoglycan epitopes through lectin mediated interactions 16/08/2021 Yes UGC-INSPIRE
18.   Dr. Kashmir Singh Shumayla Full Time 16/1087/Ph.D. 03/03/2016 Identification and molecular characterization of receptor like kinases protein family in Triticum aestivum 02/03/2021 Yes UGC-JRF
19.   Dr. Kashmir Singh Vasundhara Thakur Full Time 15/1234/Ph.D. 01/09/2015 Transcriptome analysis of Sausurea lappa 01/09/2020 Yes CSIR-UGC-JRF
20.   Dr. Kashmir Singh Nishant Kaushal Full Time 15/1041/Ph.D. 19/03/2015 Hairy root induction and outer expression of squalae synthase genes in chlorophytem Brivilianeem for increased production of saponins 19/03/2020 Yes BSR-JRF
21.   Prof. Jagdeep Kaur
Dr. Kashmir Singh
Bandana Kumari Full Time 14/1229/Ph.D. 28/11/2014 Functional characterization of Rv1900c and Rv2037c from Mycobacterium tuberculosis 28/11/2019 Yes CSIR
22.   Prof. Neena Capalash
Prof. Prince Sharma
Shruti Kashyap Full Time 14/211/Ph.D. 03/09/2014 Effect of intrspecies signaling molecule, indole and its derivatives on the virulence of acinetobacter baumannii and its persistence against fluoroquinolones 03/09/2019 Yes ICMR
23.   Dr. Kashmir Singh
Neetu Goyal Full Time 14/1124/Ph.D. 04/08/2014 Identification and Characterization of Nucleotide Binding Site Leucine Rich Repeats (NBS-LRR) genes and Simple Sequence Repeats (SSR) markers associated with fungal resistance in grapes (Vitis vinifera) 03/08/2019 Yes DBT-JRF
24.   Prof. Neena Capalash
Harsimran Sidhu Full Time 14/14/Ph.D. 21/01/2014 Anti - cancer proterties of natural compounds downregulating UHRF1 in Caski Cells 20/01/2019 Yes ICMR-JRF/SRF
25.   Dr. Neena Capalash
Prof. Prince Sharma
Lalit Kumar Gautam Full Time 13/1284/Ph.D. 10/12/2013 Role of polyphosphate kinase in virulence and stress responsed of Acinetobacter baumannii 09/12/2018 Yes BSR
26.   Dr. R.C. Sobti
Dr. Jagdeep Kaur
Hamed Hemati Full Time 13/65/Ph.D. 13/03/2013 A study on chemoresistance of hepatocellular carcinoma cancer stem cells- the role of Micro RNAs - mediated tumorigenesis supression of Liver cancer stem cells 12/03/2018 No
27.   Dr. Jagtar Singh Damanjeet Kaur Part Time 19180 04/06/2012 Molecular alterations in micro RNA related genes and risk of upper-aero respiratory tract cancer in North Indian population 03/07/2018 No
28.   Dr. Jagtar Singh Anupama Bhardwaj Full Time 19245 03/05/2012 To explore the endogenous bacterial and fungal diversity forefficient treatment of dairy wastewater 02/01/2018 No
29.   Dr. Jagtar Singh Sonu Bhatia Part Time 18387 26/10/2010 Exploring the bacterial diversity of alpha-galactosidase producingisolates from hot springs and to study the production, purification andcharacterization of alpha-galactosidase from high yielding isolate 25/10/2018 No

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